CPR / AED Training

The Irish Heart Foundation Heartsaver BLS CPR/AED community course provides training in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), the use of an AED machine (defibrillator) and relief of choking for adult, child, and infants.
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This training is perfect for those who want to receive training in how to perform chest compressions and give breaths with and without the use of a mask to an individual experiencing cardiac arrest, as well as being training when and how to perform CPR, attendees will also receive training in the use of a defibrilator machine (AED) and how to relieve a person experiencing full blockage choking.

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Course duration & Fee.

Approximiately 4 hours and costs  70 Euro.

Upon successful completion students will receive certification from the Irish Heart Foundation in association with the American Heart Association which is internationally recognised and valid for 2 years. 


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