Internal Audit and Consultation

At WD Training and consultancy We find in many cases the designated security managers take on the responsability of multiple duties within their organisation and may find it difficult to be full versed with legislation and requirements in relation to aviation security

We are very happy to assist your corporation with the provision of internal audits and quality control services relating to aviation security to ensure full compliance with national, EC and International requirements at all times.


Our Quality Assurance services include:

  • Operational assessments, through observation
  • Physical Penetration testing of security controlled areas
  • Security Programme audit
  • Covert Testing
  • Overt Testing
  • Testing of perimeter fence security and response actions

Tailoring audits for your organisation's needs

It is our mission to ensure you have a bespoke internal auditting service that is designed specifically for the needs of yourorganisation and staff and would meet with you before hand to discuss the specific needs you have and develop a working plan on how to proceed.

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